The exhibition is generated through an artificial intelligence algorithm designed to autonomously select and purchase a list of objects on Amazon. The objects selected by the algorithm, on the basis of some preset keywords,
are automatically sent to the address of the exhibition, becoming part of it. Every day we choose to voluntarily or involuntarily hand over our attention to algorithms and systems that select relevant images and content
for us based on our online activity, preferences and aesthetic tastes. Thus our experience of reality and the online marketplace is always mediated by the use of these logics that interpose themselves as a filter every
time we open a platform to look for something. Preferring, in this sense, always means choosing from a range of possibilities previously selected for us by someone or something else. The action of choice, which always precedes
the creation phase of any artistic content, in this exhibition is clearly delegated and automated, similar to what happens in other s ctors such as online socialising, business or industry, where algorithms perform automated
functions to speed up a job and complete it more efficiently. The result of this process is an exhibition presenting mathematically selected objects based on certain predefined settings from the artist, colour, size, material, cost.


Francesco De Prezzo  Francesco De PrezzoFrancesco De Prezzo  Francesco De PrezzoFrancesco De Prezzo  Francesco De PrezzoFrancesco De Prezzo  Francesco De Prezzo